Commercial Proactive Service

At Current Mechanical, we believe in taking a long-term approach.

That’s why we do things right the first time. Our highly trained crews and NATE-certified technicians are among the best in the business. Their work is a matter of personal pride. So when we install or repair equipment, we do it right or we make it right. We follow up with a Care Program, going back out just to make sure everything is operating properly.

We’re always available to address any issues you might have, big or small. We value your trust and seek to be a reliable partner to your business.

We offer several types of maintenance agreements to meet the level of support and efficiency that your business requires. With a service agreement you can budget for operating costs and avoid delays and breakdowns. We understand that down time is money lost. Current Mechanical can spot trouble before it happens, providing priceless peace of mind.

Our Maintenance Agreements

With our Guaranteed Lifetime Protection agreement, we assume total responsibility for your HVAC systems. There are no ups and downs in operating costs. 

Current Mechanical is so thorough in servicing your equipment that you can potentially double the life of your investment. And fewer replacements means less downtime.

We’ll create an inspection checklist specific to each piece of equipment, with a full case history. Your equipment will run more efficiently, reducing wear and tear on other systems. A planned maintenance agreement can better maintain a comfortable environment, increasing productivity at your business. And it can improve your air quality, potentially reducing sick time among your staff.

All supervision, monitoring and performance feedback are conducted by Current Mechanical. You receive a detailed report after each visit by our trained service representatives. This reduces your involvement and greatly improves communication.

The program includes computerized maintenance scheduling of your mechanical systems. Maintenance intervals are determined by type of equipment, operating conditions, maintenance experience, and our service database. By delivering exactly the right maintenance at exactly the right time, we minimize disruptive breakdowns and save your organization time and costly equipment repairs.

If anything breaks down, we’ll come take care of it. Immediately. You can call us at any time without having to get the checkbook out. Our response time is unmatched in the industry.

If you sign up for our most comprehensive GLP agreement, and if your equipment can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it. We never back down from a warranty. You can trust that your billing, installation and equipment will be trouble-free.

Current Mechanical also offers other maintenance agreements that allow you to determine what responsibilities your company will continue to assume. We can be your partner in whatever way serves your business best.

Our CARE Program

The Customer Assurance Review and Evaluation program insures that the service being provided is at or above the level of service purchased. Current Mechanical strives to exceed your expectations by providing quality services and ongoing communication. This includes:

  • Adherence to a strict code of ethics
  • Agreement startup procedures
  • Ongoing evaluation and assessments
  • Action plans

Through CARE we provide a process for your evaluation and assessment of the services received and a means to continually improve our service and deliver unmatched value to our customers.

They say you get what you pay for. With Current Mechanical, you get exactly what you need. We never overpromise or under-deliver. Instead, we value listening to our customers and designing better solutions.

Just as you maintain your car to avoid more costly damage, you need to routinely service your mechanical systems to ensure they’re running their best. Scheduled maintenance by Current Mechanical not only allows for more efficient, cost effective and trouble-free operations, it also offers safety and peace of mind. Call Current Mechanical today at 260-739-3716 or contact us online.